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Some advice for newbies
Target, the running and duration of the game
Game controls
The season and tournaments
Sports Complex
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User guide is reasonably brief, to provide you with quick information and not get you tired. Some things in it are not described because they are the subject of research and struggles in the game.
Some advice for newbies
If you are completely new here, you might appreciate some advice on start. It will not be so difficult:
  1. The first thing that is needed after login is setting attributes of captain. You can choose his face and set properties that determine its type.
  2. Browse all game pages, so that you have a rough overview of what it is here.
  3. Set the linup and tactics for the next game. It will be stronger than automatically generated one.
  4. On the Finances page make new contracts with sponsors for finance income.
  5. Set the training of players.
  6. Begin to build a sports complex.
  7. On the staff page watch (preferably daily), if new jobseekers come.
  8. Follow (preferably daily) team events, which remind you of the necessary interventions.
  9. Visit your team often enough, because if you do not log into the game three days in a row, it starts to slowly decrease mood and thus performance.
  10. Follow home matches attendance and adjust ticket prices so that you get the highest income.
Target, the running and duration of the game
The game target is to successfully lead your virtual team to victory and progress in the role of a football manager. During the day manager manages finance, sports complex, training of players, etc. and sets the lineup and its tactics for the next matches. In the evenings matches between teams of individual managers run.

The game is unlimited in time, but if the manager does not login to system within 30 days, his account is blocked and in the next ten days also team is removed. The removal of the team also occurs if the club finances are in debt more than 20 days. Then, however, manager account remains and he can take a new team.

Manager account can be blocked even if the manager is trying to cheat in the game or otherwise violate the rules of the game. This is the job of GameMasters.
Game controls
Site structure is changing while you scroll least, the controls are thus uniform everywhere. In addition to site navigation main menu bar also serves up shortcuts vpavo. As a general rule, that wherever the raid mouse cursor changes from primary to any other, you can click to take some action. To glance gives all such active objects, you can click on the light bulb icon to the letter abbreviations.
The season and tournaments
Season lasts 14 weeks, which is 98 days. On mondays, wednesdays and fridays the league games are played, friendly and tournament matches in other days. You can follow the details in the calendar page.
The league
League groups are like the roots of a tree. Above are countries that have branches in the national leagues, then to divisions, and finally to departments. At the end of the season the first team in the group is promoted to a higher division, the second one attempts to achieve it in barrage. Last three teams descent and penultimate three teams fight in barrage for keeping themselves in the department.

Regrouping teams in the lower groups may occur at the end of the season, for teams without managers were eliminated. Such, some teams can get higher.
League Cup
League Cup is played at the end of the season. It will gather the first 16 teams of the league department. It si played by the K.O. system.
Champions League
The best teams from all countries play the Champions League from the beginning of the second season . Playing of matches in basic groups is followed by playoffs, where the winner will be given.
Credit tournaments
Credit tournaments are established and managed by individual managers. They specifie the input credit to candidates and forfeit matches in case of violation. Winners receive credit points. Credit points can obtain also founder-manager, if he set the rules of the tournament so.
Manager Profile
On the Manager Profile page you can find basic information about the user. You can configure your 'status', respectively dictum addressed to others there, some data about yourself or change your password or email address. When you visit info page of other manager, you can offer friendship to him there, or send him a message, or to report any violations of him to gamemaster.
There are cards of current and potential friends of Manager on this page. Here you can send them a message or accept, reject or terminate the friendship itself.
Credit & PROFI
There is management of manager's credit and his PROFI pack on this page. Here you can purchase credit, activate a PROFI pack, and view transaction history. There is also information how to get the PROFI pack for free.
Team Events
Watching the team events will help you in a timely manner to solve various emerging situation. This page also brings to you the latest news from Game Mail and Game Reporter.
Game Reporter
It brings informations from game creators.
Game Mail
It is a variation of classical email service working within our system for communication between the managers themselves.
Finance management is very important in the game. Track your income and expenses so that you can clever manage the club. On this page you can see also offers of sponsors coming every season and negotiate with them. Here you can take a loan, the amount of which depends on the kind of value of your property in the sports complex. Check if your finances are not in debt long term, because if such a situation takes more than 20 days, the club management release you and your team will be removed.
Team Profile
The most important information about the team are on this page. Here you can upload your own logo and set the appearance of jerseys. Here you can see the potential power of the team Top 11 calculated from the best players in the club, and also the real strength of the team during last league match affected by the current attributes of the players and the mood of the team.
Season calendar includes major data about all matches. The click on the right column of the future matches will display the panel where you can assign lineup, tactics and ticket price to matches. With button "Automatic" you can remove these individual settings. If someone sends you a challenge to a friendly match, it will be presented in the calendar at the appropriate match, where you can accept or reject it. If you can challenge someone to match, go to the calendar of any team and there click on the ball icon placed on the line of any free day.
Here you have a list of players who belong to your club, as well as those who are applying for membership. New players come in irregular intervals, the length of which depends on the level of your training center and the quality of your scouts. Also their quality is influenced by these attributes. There are always maximum three new players and another can come only when you release at least one of these three positions by accepting or refusing of candidate.

Using icons on the right side you can manage players as needed. There in the table you can see the numerical values ​​of players attributes as they were trained up followed by potential of player for this attribute with less pronounced colour. This potential decreases with age and completing the training. The potential is higher, the faster the player will train the appropriate attribute. Refer also to the section Training.

The most informative parameter indicating the player utility is Total performance. It includes all his trained attributes also with his experiences according to his role.

By the click on player name you go to its page, where you can see and you can adjust everything that relates to him, including training. He can train at most three attributes at same time. Unlike the list of players here on his personal card data is Current total performance. It is his total performance affected by state of his health and fitness.

Jersey number, which you can set here, it can be displayed on the icons of players at a football match. For your default captain will also appear on his jersey shorts.

Statistics of the player page are these from league matches of the current season.Contracts with players usually lasts one season and they are extended automatically unless this option you switch off.

5 days before the contract of player expires, there among its controls an icon of the contract appears. If you click it, you can delegate your staff to negotiate a new contract and thus save some money. If you do not use this option, the personnel department approves the salary that player requires for the next period.
We used the player statistics division by the tournaments for appending the information about any punishment for the player here.
You can assign three different training activities at a time to each player. As trained players attributes will grow, the potential for them will decrease.

In the game we have four types of players and everyone uses their attributes in the game at another level. We can not reveal exactly how. Because it is the subject of your inquiry and secondly - we have programmed real simulator, so no exact default numbers and ratios exist. In our game you can place a midfielder for the position of striker and he can bring quite a nice performance. Although perhaps misses the goal, but it excellent pass for a teammate. We can advise you just: Do training logically!

From the millions of test matches in the system we have created a hidden table, underpinning one important detail - team strength in the last match. There is reflected each attribute of player due to his position in the lineup.

There you can see highlighted four main attributes in the tables. Train other attributes as if you deal with real life. E.g. heading of the goalkeeper has no meaning, but passing is important. Shooting for the defender rarely comes to game. And midfielder must know perhaps everything except goalkeeping. Importantly, the potential decreases slowly with age and also how the attribute increases. It is therefore better to train attributes with higher potential, or those with lower? Watch it and think about it.

At any time during the season you can send any player to training camp. Beware, however, that while he is there, he cannot play matches. The player trained attributes will grow faster in the camp than in normal training. Each player can be in a camp for a maximum of 20 days divided into an optional number of sections during one season.
Lives and Records
This section is intended to watching live feed of the ongoing match or the record of the match played. Simulated match lasts 15 minutes and it's in sync with real time. This means that when you start watching the match 15 minutes after its begin, you can not move the watching by the "skip to end" button to its end, but only to the equivalent calculated in real time. During continuous watching, of course, there is a time outrunning in the ratio 6:1.

In addition to buttons intended to record playing there are another buttons to the right of them. That are buttons for full-screen [☐], animation-type [A], type of player mark [#] (initials of name / game role / jersey number) and sound control [Sfx ] [Noi]. Regarding the type of animation, choose that one, which works as smoothly as possible on your computer using your browser. The number of frames per second (FPS) you will see below the bottom left corner of the field. The best with animation performance is currently Google Chrome. If we had not limited the FPS artificially to 60, Chrome could achieve 200 with the 3GHz processor using a single core with no problems. We limited it to processor does not overheat needlessly.
Next Match
For the Next Match page is important to describe especially its lower part, where you can assign the lineup, tactics and determine the price of tickets for the match. When the system detects a problem with the lineup, you will see a flashing red exclamation mark under the right lower corner of the field. The label of the problematic player will be highlighted in color. In the case of you have manually assigned the settings to match, you will see the asterisk symbol(*) under the header. If it is assigned automatically according to a set strategy, you will see there "A".
You can place the players by pulling their names by the mouse to the position on the playground. Due to tablets and other touch devices there is the opportunity to do it even by tapping first the name and then position. The position erasure you can reach by dragging it to the trash at right down corner. The "Save" button stores each lineup separately.

There in the right column - the substitutes panel - the top three players are intended for eventual timing of substitution. For the substitution rules, click on labels underneath them. The second lower label box is intended to placing there the player leaving the field. Substitutes will be used in the case of there is a problem with a player in the lineup, automatically according to their roles. If you also assign the substitution rules to them, they will be applied as far as possible by setting.

The bottom panel is used to assign functions to players. Remember that the captain has to have creativity and experience, the shooters shooting and the passes passing capabilities. Below the bottom right corner of the field there are links for copying and switching of individual lineups.
The tactics items meaning is as follows:
  • Game effort: The intensity of effort of players during all the match. It increases power of team, on the other hand it take away energy of players for the next days.
  • Game tempo:Determines the ratio of forward and backward passes and the stalling of game.
  • Game start: Specifies the distribution of players forces during the match. Using "Energetic" their effort decreases during the match, using "Light" effort rises. The player energy consumption is not affected by this item.
  • Aggressiveness: Determines the level of foul risk for the opponent attacking player. Higher aggressiveness enhances the effectiveness of interventions, but it brings the bans more often.
  • Defense: Determines the degree of personal defending of players.
  • Offside trap:Determines whether to dare to use it. The experienced players have a superiority over inexperienced.
  • Midfield: Moves activity of midfielders in the specified direction.
  • Passes: Specifies the height of passes.
  • Attacks: Determines the paths of attacks.
  • Shooting: Specifies when the shooter decides to shoot on goal.
The "Save" button saves each tactics separately.
Here you can set the lineups and tactics assignment for next matches depending on which is the ratio of the forces of rival teams at the match start time, or separately for friendly matches. By adjusting the percentages you can let the automatic system know when the match is considered a dfficult, balanced or light. These settings are used whenever match tactics and lineup are not set individually.
League Table
Leftmost column of the table shows the perspective of the team at the end of the season. Green color means direct promotion, the yellow one possible barrage procedure, the blue one keeping in the group, the gray one possible barrage descent and the red one direct descent to the lower division. The next column indicates the current team position and its shift relative to past league round. To the right of the team name is in green color the potential power of the best 11 team players. There follows statistical data and the colored symbols of the last eight matches results. The red means the lost, the blue one the draw and the green one winning. The last column shows the financial premium for the end of the season for the corresponding league place.
League Matches
The content of the columns is obvious. Noteworthy is the green value of team strength. In case of past matches there is the power of lineup, which really played the match. In case of future matches there si the potential force of lineup of best 11 team players.
League Barrage
Provides information about the progress and results of barrage matches.
The Best League Players
Here are published results of individual players in league matches with corresponding premiums at the end of the season.
League Forum
This is a link to the relevant topic of the discussion forum.
In addition to standard game tournaments here is a list of tournaments that can establish and manage the managers themselves.
Credit Tournaments
In the credit tournaments list you can see existing tournaments of the current and the next season. The table shows how much teams from the maximum possible numberis registered, jackpot in credit points to be distributed to the winners, timestamps and input power conditions for participating teams. After clicking on the tournament name it will display the tournament profile.

Here on the page of tournament process is given the status of the tournament (accepting registrations, running, finished) and standard tables of the teams at the time of registration and then table of matches during the tournament run and beyond.
Establishment of a credit tournament
There on the Tournaments List page is a button to create a new tournament which opens the form for its setting. Fields meaning is obvious from its name. Founder of the tournament must spend 50 credit points for its establishment and determine the credit entry fee for participants. With sensible division of jackpot he can get his investment back, or even earn some credit points. It must however remember of sufficient motivation for managers interested in registration. If the tournament is not full at his deadline and so must be canceled, the founders and registered participants will be refunded. Founder has the right to designate any of the rules (e.g. players age, players country etc.) and punish their violation by matches forfeit, which can be applied in the evening after the matches are finished.
Sports Complex
Real Estate
Here in this section you can build and demolish the blocks of buildings, which are the property of the club. Clicking on the center name in the table or on the surface of the picture opens a dialog which shows you what awaits you in the construction and it allows you to build. Already built blocks can also be demolished. Demolition is free and is intended to reduce the maintaining cost of the club when it got into financial distress.

Importance of individual complex parts:
  • Stadium: Its capacity determines the revenue from ticket sales at home matches.
  • Office building: Staff, especially HR manager and negotiator, but also others need it for their work.
  • Training center: Determines the players training efficiency and its speed.
  • Rehabilitation center: Specifies the fitness regeneration rate of players after matches.
  • Medical center: Determines the rate of healing of the injured player.
  • Supply center: Affects the cost of complex maintenance from the start of construction.
  • Energetic block: As energy consumption increases in a growing complex, thus it reduces maintenance costs.
  • Security service: Reduces the damage caused by criminal elements.
Build the complex clever as necessary according of finance. In addition to its direct benefits, its value is also important for the bank when you want to apply for a loan. Remember that the parts for the maintenance should not unnecessarily to overtake the rest of the complex.
The staff is as important as real-estate for the club. On the page of staff you can manage all that concerns them. Each one has two key attributes - knowledge and experience .Experience grows day by day spent at the club and his knowledge decreases every day loosing its timeliness and quality, so it should be sent for training to be truly useful for the club. Like the players, such the employee has certain potential for his attributes, which is shown in the table by less strong letters. Its meaning and decline is the same as for players, so with increasing age employee training reduces its effectiveness.

Employee is among his colleagues automatically promoted according to his abilities and the higher is in the table, the more he affects the area in which he operates. Theoretically, an unlimited number of employees is here, but the impact of each lower in the career ladder is half that of his superior, so that lower-level employees can difficult to compensate their wage by their usefulness for the club.

New jobseekers come irregularly depending on the level of the personnel department. Also the quality of applicants depends on it, so it is important to build the office building as soon as posiible, employ a good HR manager and train him.

Individual employees importance:
  • HR manager: Affects the level of jobseekers and salary bargaining with staff and players.
  • Negotiator: Affects the negotiation of contracts and the height of the sponsors offers. So, of course, also the cost of the sports complex maintaining.
  • Scout: Affects the level of incoming players.
  • Trainer: Affects the quality and speed of players training.
  • Physiotherapist: Affects the fitness regeneration rate of players after matches.
  • Doctor: Affects the rate of healing of the injured player
  • Buyer: Decreases the cost of the sports complex maintaining.
  • Handyman: He also decreases the cost of the sports complex maintaining.
  • Guard: Reduces the damage caused by criminal elements.
Contracts with employees usually lasts one season and they are extended automatically unless this option you switch off. Negotiating with them is the same as for players. In accordance with real life, not all employees are equally expensive for the club. The most expensive are the trainers.
Players Market
On the Market pages you can offer your players, or acquire new players for your club. The sale is implemented in the form of auction, where the highest bidder wins. Remaining bidding time you can watch directly in the list of players in the market or on the individual page of a player. Pressing the bell icon you can turn your alarm ON to be reminded about your offer overcharging. In addition to the sound of the bell you can hear the countdown to deadline last ten seconds. You do not have to reload the page over and over. The system automatically monitors the status of offers and if yours one was overcharged, timely notifies you and even add a minute so you can send another bid.

You can use the filter shown on the top right of the table that allows you to specify the search options according various boundary values ​​of its properties.
Staff market
Similarly, as market of players, the market of employees is working.
Discussion Forum
Discussion forum is organized by country leagues. Its usage is standard as you know from the other web sites. It is noteworthy that by clicking on the star symbol in front of the topic name, you may remove or add it to your favorites. Button to access favorite topics is the top right. By click on the "Reply" button you reach linking of two posts and sending a new post notification to the manager, to which you respond. Using button with an exclamation point symbol you can alert the moderators for post that violates the rules of the game or ethical behavior.

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